Natural extracts

An natural extracts, oleoresin, or oleoresin is the form of raw material, the raw seasoning is concentrated. They are obtained through the process of extracting plant parts such as leaves, stems, and seeds, ... with a solvent, then removing the solvent and keeping the essence of the spice. That helps to bring out the consistency in taste and color.

Spice extracts contain volatile as well as non-volatile components of the raw spice thereby most accurately reflecting the taste of the raw material, unlike essential oils, which consist only of volatile components due to that taste will not be full.

Ingreda offers petroleum resins with full flavor characteristics of the corresponding raw materials with the advantages of being compact, easy to use, and many times easier to store and process. plant lipid, kancor, mane kancor, synthite, brenntag

In particular, our extracted products are committed to being ETO-free, committed to pesticide residues and plant protection, and to meet strict quality regulations in the world.

Some typical natural extracts of Ingreda such as paprika, chili extract, capsicum, black pepper extract, and garlic extract,...

natural extracts