About us

Manufacturing companies, suppliers of raw materials, processes, and machinery from all over the world are always looking for a reliable partner, to develop products and services in partnership, bringing exciting, valuable, and unique experiences to consumers.

Ingreda was, is, and will a reliable partner of many food and beverage businesses. Our product fields of applications diversified in many industries, such from food processing such as meat, seafood, fish sauce, soy sauce, to spices, instant food products, confectionery, refreshments…

At Ingreda, we always look for innovative technologies in food ingredients, along with food processing and systems with the aim to bring the best solutions to our customers. Ingreda, where you can find ingredients for innovation.


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Core competencies

With highly experienced food technology engineers, Ingreda has and is providing reliable products, satisfying the dynamic changes of F&B market in Vietnam.

Our partner come from all around the globe, ranging from Europe, America, to Asia. At Ingreda, we can provide tailored solutions to your requirements, satisfying the most rigorous customers.

Our food ingredients and additives aren’t only guaranteed in quality, cost effectiveness, but also diverse and varies from many countries all around the world.

Core values