What is import and export entrustment?

Entrusted import is commercial service activities in the form of hiring and receiving as import services. This activity is carried out on the basis of import entrustment contracts between enterprises and in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance on Economic Contracts.

Import entrustment is one of the familiar phrases for business owners, shops, and individuals who often import goods to Vietnam. But surely few people can understand the import entrustment well.

Companies dealing in import consignment services often have good relationships with manufacturers, suppliers as well as with many international shipping lines.

When individuals or businesses want to import and export goods through the territory of Vietnam, they do not do the relevant paperwork themselves but ask a unit or organization specializing in this profession to help the company. import and export easier. Simply put, this is a form of import and export of household goods, also known as an intermediate form of import and export.

Are you facing the following problems?

  • As the owner of the business, but your business does not have enough experience in international trade to be able to import goods on its own?
  • Do you personally have no legal status, so you have no import function and cannot sign contracts with partners who are foreign businesses?
  • Your business has just been established, so it is not possible to negotiate with overseas sellers, do not understand the processes and forms of working with customs as well as the process of importing goods?
  • Although your business has full import functions, it may be because the product is new, so it feels not enough experience to import, especially for items that are difficult to import into Vietnam and are required to be imported. require a lot of documents, procedures, permits…
  • You do not trust the seller, the carrier on the foreign side?
  • You do not have a warehouse or your storage has not yet ensured the preservation conditions of the goods.

What is the solution for you?

If you are in one of the cases above, our recommended solution is: You can sign an entrustment contract with an import-export service company to import goods for you.
On the other hand, hiring an import consignment service to make samples, in the beginning, is a safe and smart solution, at least for your first shipments. In addition, the import service companies also have more experience and solve everything faster, helping your business save more time.
INGREDA is committed to bringing peace of mind during the transportation process by providing information in a transparent, fast, and timely manner to your business.
We always put the interests of our customers first.

We will help you solve the problem:

  1. Depending on each item, the value of goods, origin, government regulations from time to time, we will support and advise you on products and find foreign partners to import
  2. Negotiate and sign foreign trade contracts with foreign sellers;
  3. Carry out necessary procedures to import goods;
  4. Payment of money to foreign sellers;
  5. Prepare documents, declare, pay, and settle taxes for imported goods such as import tax, excise tax, VAT, etc. And we will be the taxpayer for the entrusting party;
  6. Store all import-export documents such as Entrustment Contract, Commercial Contract (Contract) signed with foreign countries, Commercial Invoice (Commercial Invoice) exported by the seller, Packing List (Packing List). ) issued by the seller, Bill of Lading (Bill of Lading) issued by the carrier (ship or aircraft), Customs declaration, Tax payment receipt (if any)…;
  7. With a lot of experience and solid knowledge of all processes in the field of import and export, especially the appropriate and flexible application of policies and strict compliance with the laws of Vietnam, Advantage Logistics is committed to providing the most comprehensive solution for businesses in the industry.

Our entrusted import and export process

  1. On behalf of the Client to sign foreign trade contracts and make payments.
  2. Consulting on import and export procedures. On behalf of the Customer to carry out import and export procedures, delivery at the port.
  3. Customs declaration services, port services.
  4. Apply for different types of permits depending on the item.
  5. Book train, save freight, buy cargo insurance (if any), track cargo schedule.
  6. Consulting on customs services, paying taxes according to regulations.
  7. Together with customers to settle complaints against foreign guests.
  8. Collect consignment fee at a reasonable rate depending on the value of the shipment.

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