INGREDA Co., Ltd commitments, contingencies, and guarantees

  1. All ingredients, flavorings, additives are of clear, transparent origin, represented and imported from leading and reputable manufacturers.
  2. Goods are imported in clearance standards, with full quality announcement, clear and fast traceability.
  3. The consignments imported and distributed by INGREDA Co., Ltd. are all tested for quality at reputable inspection units and licensed by the state.
  4. INGREDA team advises customers to choose the most effective, and specific product for individual customer’s needs.
  5. All products sold are issued with a clear financial invoice for value-added tax and quality analysis documents from the factory.

Customer’s orders are confirmed by the INGREDA team by official email regarding price, delivery time, and payment methods.

On the first 5 orders, please transfer money in advance to the company’s account indicated on the invoice or document with the stamp of INGREDA Co., Ltd. From the 6th order, our accounting team will contact to support your company on policy: time and debt limit.